How long will it take to repair my shoes?

Repair times are based on how many shoes we have in the queue. We email our customers when we have collected their shoes, begun repair, and completed repairs. Customers who choose the gym pick-up service will receive their shoes the next time we visit their gym. They will receive an email when their shoes are ready for pick-up. Customers who choose the more expensive mail-back service will receive a notice that their shoes are in the mail. However, our Pick-Up / Drop-Off schedule varies for each gym, so your shoes may be ready well before we visit your gym! In that case, you can let us know if you want to change your pick-up location to a gym with an earlier date, or pay more to have us mail your shoes back to you. Feel free to email us for a turnaround estimate or more specific questions.

Where can I leave my shoes?

We offer drop-off locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, and New Jersey. Click here for our gym locations and schedule.

What is a sole?

The piece of rubber that covers the bottom. You use it when you step on a foothold. The sole usually wears out the fastest.

What is a rand?

The piece of rubber that wraps around the toe area of the shoe - above the sole. It also wraps around the shoe behiind the sole. It also, may or may not run all the way to the back of the shoe.

When should I consider resoling my shoes?

Sooner than you think. New climbing shoes have a clearly defined line between the rand and the sole. When that edge moves downward and changes from straight to curved you should consider getting a resole. Check out our what repairs do I need page for more info.

Do I need to replace my rands?

Take a look at our What Repairs Do I Need page to help determine if your rands need to be replaced.

I’m unsure if my shoes can be repaired. Can I send photos to you to ask?

Figuring out whether or not a shoe can be resoled is not an exact science. Occasionally we won’t be able to determine if a shoe is repairable until we start to work on it. That being said, we can determine whether or not a shoe can be resoled by looking at a photo most of the time. If you are not sure whether or not a shoe can be resoled after taking a look at our What Repairs Do I Need page, you can send us photos of your shoes at info@flashfriction.com

Can you replace the rands without replacing the soles?

No. The rand wrap around the shoe and under the sole. So to access the rand we need to remove the sole.

What types of rubber do you have in stock?

We carry hard and soft sole rubber. Hard rubber is better for edging, durability, and support for your feet on long climbs. Soft rubber is better for smearing and overhanging terrain but will wear more quickly than harder rubber.

Will the size and fit of the shoe change from repairing?

One of our goals is maintaining the original feel of every climbing shoe we repair. As we replace worn, thin materials with thicker newer ones the feel of the shoe can change. Also, keep in mind that you may have grown accustomed to your worn out, thin soled shoes and a new sole/rand may give your shoes a stiffer feel comparable to a new shoe.

How much is it to repair my sole?

$45 per pair

How much is it to repair my rand?

$18 per pair

Do you resole no edge climbing shoes?

We currently do not perform “No-Edge” resoles. If you send a no edge climbing shoe we will resole it as we resole all other climbing shoes and the shoe will have an edge. If you want us to remove the edge indicate it in the notes during checkout and we will round off the edge.

Why should I resole instead of buying new shoes?

To save you the cost of buying new shoes, to avoid the hassle of breaking in new shoes, and to help recycle the materials used in your shoes instead of discarding them!

Is there anything you won’t or can’t repair?

Most climbers only require half soles and/or rand repair to keep their climbing shoes on the wall as long as possible. If you take care of your climbing shoes and resole them before it’s too late you shouldn’t need much more. There are items on climbing shoes that rarely need service such as velcro straps, heel straps, and tears on uppers. In order to keep prices lower and provide climbers with a consistent and fast turnaround we only offer Toe Caps and Half Soles.

What will you do if my shoes are unrepairable?

It’s not always clear if shoes are repairable. If we are unable to repair your shoes we will contact you so you can decide whether you want them back or if you would like us to discard them.

How will you contact me if / when my shoes are done?

We will contact you via email when your shoes are done.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards through our website. We are currently not accepting in person payments.

Will you guys provide warranty on your work?

We stand by our work and strive to offer the best possible product possible. If you have any questions, concerns or are dissatisfied with our work, please contact us.

Do you accept international orders (e.g. Canada)

We currently do not accept international orders

How many resoles can I get?

About 3-5. It depends on how well you take care of your climbing shoes and the construction of the shoes.