What Repairs Do I Need?

It's not always obvious what repairs are needed for your climbing shoes. See the below guide to identify if your shoes can be repaired.

Perfect! You just need Half Soles

If you see the edge where your sole meets your rand just barely dip it means you’ve worn through the thickness of the sole and will begin to wear down your rand. STOP CLIMBING and send in your shoes immediately. Since one of the primary jobs of the rand is to keep your toes in the right place, climbing any further will thin and damage your rand resulting in a higher likelihood of altering how your shoes fit. If you want to reduce the risk of changing the way they feel get your shoes resoled at this point.

You need to repair your rand

If the edge where your sole meets your rand dips significantly, you’ve likely worn through most of your rand - and it will need to be repaired. The rand should feel just as thick at the tip of the shoe as it does by the side of the ball of your foot (where the rand is rarely climbed on). Check the rand by pressing on it and compare it to the rand by the ball of your foot. If you notice any difference you will likely need a Toe Cap. Small holes can be repaired if the hole goes through the rand rubber ONLY (and not the leather). Holes must be no larger than a headphone jack. Still can’t tell? Don’t sweat it - we recommend all of our customers select the “Toe Caps if needed” option on our repair page when repairing their climbing shoes.

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In order to keep prices lower and provide climbers with a consistent and fast turnaround we only offer Toe Caps and Half Soles. If your shoes have holes in the rand and leather underneath larger than a headphone jack, send us photos at info@flashfriction.com and we can help you figure out if your shoes are repairable.

Ready for repair?

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Still Unsure?

If you're still unsure if your shoes can be repaired feel free to contact us and send us pictures of your shoes.

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