Steep Rock East Drop-Off

Steep Rock East Drop-Off

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Current repair time is 2-3 weeks.

Drop-off orders must be placed at a drop-off location since all orders require a unique ID tag number. ID tags are available at our drop-off locations.

Once you've arrived at Steep Rock East, ask a Steep Rock employee for one zip tie and ID tag for each pair of shoes. Tag and tie your shoes in pairs with the provided zip ties. Place your order by entering your information below. After you've placed your order write down your order number on every ID tag.

We recommend climbers pay the deposit for “Toe caps only if needed” and let us determine whether or not your rands need repair. If your shoes don’t require rand repair we’ll refund you the deposit.

We offer two types of sole rubber - Unparallel Soft and Unparallel Hard. Soft is better for smearing and friction style climbing while Hard is better for edging and will hold an edge longer. Unparallel Soft rubber can wear more quickly than Hard.

What Repairs Do I need? | FAQs